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International Calling, History of Mobile Phones and Calling Cards

History Of Mobile Phones, International Calling

international callingToday, the mobile phone is not only miniaturized, it also flaunts digital components, such as mobile games that are sophisticated and versatile. This all just goes to show you that cell phones are becoming much more than just a “phone” but an all-around communication medium.

Mobile telephones for automobiles became available from some telephone companies during 1940s. The first devices were  extremely bulky and consumed high power so were not exactly efficient.

With this design the sizes of the cell phones started to become smaller as the technology developed and the covered range began to vary, according to customer demands. Mobile phones are also referred to as hand phones, wireless, cell phones, and cellular telephones.

Fast forward to today’s Smart Phones and we can hardly be without out iphone, ipad or similar mobile device to watch video, conference, use apps and more.

International Calling and Mobile Search

 Mobile search is perhaps the best used feature of mobile internet. Web traffic is now moving to Mobile, the reasons for this are obvious take the example of the average full-time employee in the USA, when can he go online? when he gets home, with a mobile he can receive messages on the go and surf the internet during break times.

In today’s current climate people value taking the Mobile with them in the same light as picking up their keys, it is no longer an option whether you need it or not. Thus, it is very hard to imagine a world without the mobile phone, tablet or smart phone device. You can even call abroad now using a very innovative service that does not require any calling cards, check it out here international calling.

I hope you have enjoyed our trip down memory lane to explore the history of mobile phones and international calling.

Important aspects of long distance calling cards

Long distance calling cards

There are many voices around when it comes to international calling. Some of those voices on the web say they provide their long distance calling customers with excellent call quality at the lowest cost.

International calls

QT Talk is pretty sure when they say they know about all the most important aspects of long distance calling cards to customers. For intance, on is all the information they need to find rates:

long distance calling cardsI have been so happy with your customer service and quality from your long distance service.

Never had any problem with your service and also your web site gives the customer all info we need to find rates and also purchase all the minutes you want.

Sumeet East Rutherford, NJ

More about long distance calls

Make cheap calls

Long distance calls

long distance callsThere are many companies in the United States which are looking for wholesale international call termination for telecommunication carriers worldwide and retail long distance services. Have you ever heard about QT Talk and its Pure Minutes plans ? Any mobile phone can be automatically programmed to make international calls using recognition software, regardless of the mobile phone carrier.

Convert long distance calls into cheap calls

QT Talk’s innovative network makes it simple to dial any international destination at discounted rates without the commitment of a contract, no worry of hidden fees, nor expiration of minutes. Pure Minutes users are able to dial anywhere in the world and can easily recharge at a number of authorized retail outlets nationwide and online at

I really want to say thanks to you and your staff for helping me select my new long distance service.

The service provided me by Pure Minutes was exemplary and my long distance bills have never been so low.

Great service – THANK YOU

Jennifer N New Orleans, Los Angeles, talking about long distance calls and how to make cheap calls

More about Long distance calls

long distance calls

There are exciting times ahead

International Call services

A few days ago, we were talking in our QT Talk Blog about international call services and how the next generation of iPhone might allow users to buy stuff online. As we said, there are exciting times ahead, and innovations in technology can provide some magnificent options to corporations as well as consumers.

Calling services for residencies

Besides the satisfaction of providing international call services with good long distance approach to several types of companies,QT Talk and our Pure Minutes plan proudly provide a telecommunication bridge between families. Here is a short story about a family in Arkansas. They use our international call service and they know now how US is closer to Ecuador:

Our Daughter Lives in Ecuador, and our Long Distance phone bill averaged $95 dollars a month.

We saw thePure Minutes advertisement in the store, and I decided to give it a chance.

Our Long Distance phone bill was reduced from $95 to $27 a month.

Please give my name to anyone you wish as a very happy customer.

Angela C. Arkansas

If your need to know more about our international call services, please contact us

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international call services

International phone calls

Helping friend with their international callsHelping friend with their international calls

Here in QT Talk and Pure Minutes, we are very pleased to help customers with their calls to South America and calls to Mexico and overseas.

We also want to thank Jhon for these words regarding the service he has received for his international calls:

“I just wanted to let you know I was very happy with your company and had only good experiences dealing with customer service.

I will definitely be using you again and recommending you”

Jhon F.


QT Talk provides long distance services through the calling plan Pure Minutes. Any mobile phone can be automatically programmed to make international calls by simply dialing any international destination at discounted rates. No contract, no worry of hidden fees, nor expiration of minutes.

Finding Services Offering International Call Rates That Matches Your Requirements

International Call Rates

The huge bill that subscribers receive at the end of the month often acts as a deterrent and makes them think twice International Call Rates from Girlbefore making an international call. However, advanced calling cards are quickly emerging as a viable option for making those domestic and international long-distance communications cheap.

The same calling card can be used for connecting with international destinations. Prepaid phone card is the preferred choice of consumers who want to stretch every penny they spend on telecommunications to the maximum possible extent.

It is important, not to fall to the hype and hoopla generated by providers through various promotional events, advertisements and other sales strategies. Consumers who have to make international calls more frequently must take time out to research the various international call rates, plans and options available on the market. The myriad of choices available out there can complicate the card selection process because consumers have to sift through huge volume of information to get the combination of the best international call rates and features.

How to Find the Best International Call Rates?

The best rate finder feature available on many comparative sites online can be used to monitor and control your expenses in key areas such as maintenance fees, billing increments based on various slabs and the per-minute rate you will have to make for long distance calls. A good service provider will also provide you vital guidelines on optimizing your overall international call expenditures by offering various prepaid phone card options and helping you choose the best calling card for the destination you have to call frequently.

You have lots of resources available online to maximize savings and minimize connectivity problems. Choosing a telecommunications provider with the latest in phone card features can help you keep pace with the advanced features available in the industry. Top companies offer user-friendly features such as live customer support and multilingual support which can come handy if you have friends and relatives strewn far and wide across various international destinations.

Business owners too can benefit from these features as they can connect and communicate with their contacts seamlessly, regardless of their location. Given the scale of progress that the telecommunication sector has seen in recent times, it is entirely possible to stay connected with the outside world 24X7, without relying on a landline phone. Operators are falling over each other to grab a bigger pie of the growing market and this auger well for the consumers.

International call card rates have come down substantially in the past few years, primarily because of the growing competition in the industry. You can make the best of the opportunities available, provided you make the right choice.

However, there is now a new service available that provides Low International Call Rates from your Mobile Phone, Click Here

USA to Philippines calling from the cell phone

Thank you very much for your comments Clarence. We really enjoy that your international calls are now much easier. Here is the highlight for those who are still worried about how to make long distance international calls from your mobile phone:

“Superb service!

USA to Philippines calling from the cell phone… incredible and easy.

We have to know that our communication system will be available when we need it and that’s what we get with Pure Minutes.”

Clarence Hill New Jersey, NY

I only wish I knew about Pure Minutes to call overseas

Today we want to share with readers who need to call overseas these Holidays, this testimonial from Arizona:

“I am a new customer and the kind of service I have so far received is extraordinarily fantastic.

I only wish I knew about Pure Minutes earlier. Thank you Pure Minutes.

The world is so close like never before.”

Rev. George Arizona