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Important aspects of long distance calling cards

Long distance calling cards

There are many voices around when it comes to international calling. Some of those voices on the web say they provide their long distance calling customers with excellent call quality at the lowest cost.

International calls

QT Talk is pretty sure when they say they know about all the most important aspects of long distance calling cards to customers. For intance, on www.qttalk.com is all the information they need to find rates:

long distance calling cardsI have been so happy with your customer service and quality from your long distance service.

Never had any problem with your service and also your web site gives the customer all info we need to find rates and also purchase all the minutes you want.

Sumeet East Rutherford, NJ

More about long distance calls

Make cheap calls

Long distance calls

long distance callsThere are many companies in the United States which are looking for wholesale international call termination for telecommunication carriers worldwide and retail long distance services. Have you ever heard about QT Talk and its Pure Minutes plans ? Any mobile phone can be automatically programmed to make international calls using recognition software, regardless of the mobile phone carrier.

Convert long distance calls into cheap calls

QT Talk’s innovative network makes it simple to dial any international destination at discounted rates without the commitment of a contract, no worry of hidden fees, nor expiration of minutes. Pure Minutes users are able to dial anywhere in the world and can easily recharge at a number of authorized retail outlets nationwide and online at www.pureminutes.com.

I really want to say thanks to you and your staff for helping me select my new long distance service.

The service provided me by Pure Minutes was exemplary and my long distance bills have never been so low.

Great service – THANK YOU

Jennifer N New Orleans, Los Angeles, talking about long distance calls and how to make cheap calls

More about Long distance calls

long distance calls

There are exciting times ahead

International Call services

A few days ago, we were talking in our QT Talk Blog about international call services and how the next generation of iPhone might allow users to buy stuff online. As we said, there are exciting times ahead, and innovations in technology can provide some magnificent options to corporations as well as consumers.

Calling services for residencies

Besides the satisfaction of providing international call services with good long distance approach to several types of companies,QT Talk and our Pure Minutes plan proudly provide a telecommunication bridge between families. Here is a short story about a family in Arkansas. They use our international call service and they know now how US is closer to Ecuador:

Our Daughter Lives in Ecuador, and our Long Distance phone bill averaged $95 dollars a month.

We saw thePure Minutes advertisement in the store, and I decided to give it a chance.

Our Long Distance phone bill was reduced from $95 to $27 a month.

Please give my name to anyone you wish as a very happy customer.

Angela C. Arkansas

If your need to know more about our international call services, please contact us www.pureminutes.com.

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international call services

International phone calls

Helping friend with their international callsHelping friend with their international calls

Here in QT Talk and Pure Minutes, we are very pleased to help customers with their calls to South America and calls to Mexico and overseas.

We also want to thank Jhon for these words regarding the service he has received for his international calls:

“I just wanted to let you know I was very happy with your company and had only good experiences dealing with customer service.

I will definitely be using you again and recommending you”

Jhon F.


QT Talk provides long distance services through the calling plan Pure Minutes. Any mobile phone can be automatically programmed to make international calls by simply dialing any international destination at discounted rates. No contract, no worry of hidden fees, nor expiration of minutes.

You spend a lot of money on international calls ?

Phone card to make long distance callsPhone card to make long distance calls?

Some of our Pure Minutes’ customers ask us about phone card or how to take more advantange of their long distance calls.

Do you spend a lot of money on international calls ? Are you wondering how to make cheap calls ? Rachel Z. gives you quite an advice in the following lines:

“I use Pure Minutes with my land phone, it saves me a lot of money, it costs over $6.00 a month just to have a long distance carrier on my land phone, I cancelled the long distance on my land phone and use this long distance service, it works great and saves money!!

You won’t regreat after using it”

Rachel Z.

Woodside, NJ

USA to Philippines calling from the cell phone

Thank you very much for your comments Clarence. We really enjoy that your international calls are now much easier. Here is the highlight for those who are still worried about how to make long distance international calls from your mobile phone:

“Superb service!

USA to Philippines calling from the cell phone… incredible and easy.

We have to know that our communication system will be available when we need it and that’s what we get with Pure Minutes.”

Clarence Hill New Jersey, NY

I only wish I knew about Pure Minutes to call overseas

Today we want to share with readers who need to call overseas these Holidays, this testimonial from Arizona:

“I am a new customer and the kind of service I have so far received is extraordinarily fantastic.

I only wish I knew about Pure Minutes earlier. Thank you Pure Minutes.

The world is so close like never before.”

Rev. George Arizona

Low cost international calling

“Pure Minutes has the best Long distance Service out there.

I have been using this site for about 3 years now and I have nothing but good things to say.

From the customer service to the clarity of the phone calls. I recommend Pure Minutes to everyone.

I have never had fewer minutes than what is posted online”

Paulo C. Jacksonville, FL

International long distance calls

“Pure Minutes service offers great rates on international long distance calls, along with unbeatable quality, simplicity and convenience.

Pure Minutes offer’s a 100% call quality and money back guarantee to ensure a risk free service that you can rely on.

Pure Minutes is proud to maintain over a 95% customer retention rate earned from exceptional customer service available seven days a week and 24 hrs a day.”

Jessica E. Trenton, NJ

3 years with no complaints

“I have used Pure Minutes for over 3 years now and have no complaints about their service.

If I e-mail them, they respond promptly. You can deal with the same representative until the issue is resolved, which is nice.

Also, I recently had an issue and, within 30 minutes of my posting my issue, I received a phone call to discuss it!!! That is unheard of – thanks, Pure Minutes!”

Carl M. Providence, RI

Making calls to Mexico

“I’ve have been using Pure Minutes services to make calls to Mexico since I arrived in the US 2 years ago.

I’ve researched for the best call card on the internet and I believe Pure Minutes provides the cheapest and best products online.

Another good feature of most of the products of Pure Minutes is that they have many local access numbers that I can search by myself on the Web”

Giorgia R. Corvallis, OR

I need a lot of minutes to call

“I use Pure Minutes when i need a lot of minutes to call my hubby in jamaica.

He’s been going there often and we need to keep in touch like every day or so. Pure Minutes is very easy to use,excellent voice quality, you dial and it rings in a second.

It sounds like you’re calling through a regular line and not overseas. I didn’t get dropped during the calls like my other provider.

Love Pure Minutes for such a nice service! A+”

Donald U. New York city, NY

Relation price-quality in international calls

“I use Pure Minutes for the relation price-quality – they have some of the lowest rates for the crystal clear quality they offer.

I tried several providers and I was always disconnected or heard static throughout the call. But not with Pure Minutes.

I would surely recommend Pure Minutes to my friends and family since it worked really well and saved a lot on calls abroad.”

Patricia J. Annapolis, MD

Make your phone calls

“This service is great. No matter where I go I can make phone calls and I know where I am standing as for prices.

There is a rates list in the Pure Minutes web. The calls are clear and easy to dial.

What more does one want when calling abroad ??? It is easy to use, and the rates are great !!

I would recommend this to anyone that calls abroad”

Katherine A. Indianapolis, Indiana

Best value to consumers for international calls

“As a Pure Minutes customer based on our in-depth comparisons of leading vendors, we believe that Pure Minutes delivers the best value to consumers for international calls.

Pure Minutes stands out for its high call quality, low rates, simple pricing, and excellent features on the web.”

Andrew L. Albany, New York

The best prices out there

“I just wanted to thank you for the positive experience I had with your company.

I had an issue calling last night and your customer service agents were incredible !

Not only they were very kind and polite they also fixed my problem right in the spot !!

Your company has the best prices out there and by far the best customer service I have ever experienced!”


Fatima Luzeiro, New Jersey, NY USA.

So helpful on the phone

To Whom it May Concern:

“I just wanted to write to let you know that I had just had a problem and I spoke with customer service they were wonderful!!

People was so helpful and friendly. It’s so nice in this day and age to get someone so helpful on the phone.

I truly felt like they were really doing everything they possibly could to help me. I will be sure to tell all my friends and family of your product and helpful service!”

Thanks !

Cathia Brunache Queens, NY, USA.

Precios MUY competitivos

“Los precios son muy competitivos, toda la información está en línea y es de muy fácil acceso, es muy detallado

Y el servicio al cliente es excelente”


Francis Pineda Litchfield County, CT, USA.

No more calling cards

Dear sirs:

“Recently I used your website to purchase minutes.

I don’t call regularly and was not sure what to expect.

But, I completed all my calls this past weekend and thanks to your site I’m able to recharge my phone at any time I needed.

Thanks pure minutes for giving me a professional service and the best price available.”


Julian Sougrin Washington, USA.

International Calling to Mexico and South America

Pure Minutes brings International Calling to Mexico and South America with MoneyGram International.

QT Talk is a global telecommunications carrier with an international calling service named Pure Minutes. Pure Minutes is a prepaid international long-distance calling solution that provides subscribers with seamless low-cost calling anywhere in the world.

Pure Minutes is focused to modernizing calling cards for the mobile generation which can replace the standard calling card with a virtual account. Clients can use this virtual account to make domestic and international calls to Mexico and any other country. For international calls, the consumer dials a local number, which then connects them internationally at rates much lower than mobile carriers offer.

Nowdays, customers can recharge their account at any MoneyGram agent location in the United States. QT Talk is partnering with the leading international money transfer organization MoneyGram because it prides on delivering the most cutting edge, cost efficient and reliable product to consumers.

These expansion efforts allow the opportunity to assist the millions of Hispanic families looking for a way to improve international calling service quality for their family members. Pure Minutes is making it easier for customers to pay bills and use their minutes more effectively.

With QT Talk’s Pure Minutes Plan, any mobile phone can be automatically programmed to make international calls using recognition software, regardless of the mobile phone carrier. QT Talk’s innovative network makes it simple to dial any international destination at discounted rates without the commitment of a contract, no worry of hidden fees, nor expiration of minutes. For additional information you can contact directly at 212-461-3669 or US Toll Free: 1-866-558-4169 and online at www.pureminutes.com.

International calls so much easier

“Thank you so much for making my international calls so much easier.

Online service to recharge minutes with complete ease !

I will be referring family and others to get pure minutes now.”

Mrs. Sylvian Abdallah, Quebec Canada.

The best service in a while

“It’s been a pleasure dealing with you folks… actually the best service I’ve experienced in a long while”

Thank you for your assistance,


Carmen Van Queens, NY.

Minutes using the international recharge

“I was able to call my parents on their 60th anniversary without a problem, I even gave them minutes using the international recharge in the store.

So they can now call me at any time from Senegal. …they now knows that I’m just a phone call away”

Kind regards,

Cathia Brunache New York, USA.

Efficiency and speed of service

“I must tell you how delighted I am by the efficiency and speed of your service.

I will certainly use it again. Thank you.”

Manuel Vanegas Flushing, NY.

This is the first time I have used pure minutes

“This is the first time I have used pure minutes and I am very glad that I did.

My account never runs out of minutes.

Thank you for such great service.

I will definitely recommend you to friends and family”

Thanks again!

Jafet Caraballo Woodhaven, NY.

Wonderful experience using pure minutes

“I just would like to say I had the most wonderful experience using pure minutes.

There is no hidden fees and the minutes never expire.

After using it in several states as well as at home in Canada, I am very satisfied with the service. I also like the online account statement for tracking my balance.

With sincere thanks,

Jenifer Smith, Brooklyn NY.

Muy buen servicio

“Muy buen servicio!!

Me encanta la forma en que trabaja Puros Minutos con los números de acceso, eso nos evita marcar esas largas contraseñas

Como en otras compañías y también tiene algo que ninguna otra compañía ofrece lo cual es que mis minutos no expiran nunca.

Puros minutos es una compañía increíblemente buena y se la puedo a recomendar a cualquier persona que realice llamadas internacionales.

Guapalupe Vasquez.

Idaho, USA.

I will go to the end of the earth and still come back to Pure Minutes

“Customer service is a big thing to me and when I speak to someone like Nhilson at Pure Minutes it makes me feel like I am getting the best service ever.

I will go to the end of the earth and still come back to Pure Minutes.

You have the best prices and your site is so easy to use.

Thank you Pure Minutes and to Nhilson you are one of a kind .”

Jennifer Dorncinville

NY, New York.

It is a pleasure to do business these days

“I am writing to comment on the customer service I received from an employee of PureMinutes.

It is a pleasure to do business these days with people who really care and make an extra effort to ensure the satisfaction of the customer.

As a store owner I feel very proud of using Pure Minutes.”

Manny Rodriguez

New Jersey, NY.

Saved me approximately $200

“I’m generally not one to write a company to thank them, but I cannot resist.

Your Pure Minutes rates to call out internationally saved me approximately $200 over any other competitors.

I almost can’t believe it.

So glad I found Pure Minutes in the store right down the street.

You can bet I’ll be telling my friends about you .”


Jarren Wyche

Queens, NY .

El servicio al cliente tiene un muy buen profesionalismo

“Respecto al servicio recibido, estoy muy conforme.

Desde un principio la comunicación siempre fue fluida y ágil, lo que nos permitió tener un contacto sin complicaciones a la distancia.

El servicio al cliente tiene un muy buen profesionalismo y siempre se mostró amable a la hora de atender mis solicitudes.”

Muy Agradecido con el servicio,

Jose Luis Coache.

Your customer service kept your stated schedule 24/7

“Thank you for your service on Sunday.

Your customer service kept your stated schedule 24/7 and fixed my problem in no time!

It’s gratifying to meet someone dedicated to doing a good job.

Your efforts are sincerely appreciated. I will recommend Pure Minutes to all my family and friends.”


Sylvain Abdallah

Montreal, Canada.

Add minutes to your phone

“Great service.

I can just call and add minutes to my phone without having to give my CC info each time I call.

You made it so simple!!”

Rogelio Cocoletzi, NJ

QT Talk saves me a lot of time!

“I don’t have to call every time I want minutes on my account the system will automatically charges my CC when I’m below $3, saves me a lot of time and I never run out of minutes!”

Lino Quintero, NY

Wondering if you need an International phone card?

“Con los $3 que me regalaron hable muchisimos minutos y la calidad me parecio muy buena”

Ilenia Alvarez

Montreal, Canada

For your international calls

“Me pone los minutos al instante, es rapido y dura mucho mas que las tarjetas”

Ingrid Rivera

Bronx, NY

Call international ?

Me comunico con mi pais sin la necesidad de usar tarjeta


New York.

This is what happens when you make a call in the middle of the night

I make calls in the middle of the night due to the time difference in Australia where my mother lives and if I ever have a problem connecting it is great to know that Pure Minutes offers 24/7 Live Support.

All the other companies I have used did not offer this service and I would sometimes have to wait until the next day to make a call. Quality is great with amazing customer service.

Kristen McCormack, Staten Island NY

Your minutes NEVER expire. Right, Kevin ?

My long Distance bill used to be $100-$400 per month calling from my local carrier so I started using Calling cards and the calling cards saved me money but all calling cards charge you to connect, the minutes expire and there are all kinds of rules to screw you over one way or another.

Pure Minutes has been a great change for me.

I am getting a great rate, only being billed for the minutes I use and my minutes never expire. Great product!

Kevin Murphy, Staten Island NY

“$20 lasts me 2 or 3 months!” … Good for Karin

“My son lives in Costa Rica and it was so hard getting in touch with him. I would have to wait until he was home, in front of the computer to call him on Skype.

Now with Pure Minutes, using the Speed Dial feature it is like calling a local number and I get him on his cell in Costa Rica making communicating with him 100% easier.

Ease of use and the rates are fantastic! $20 lasts me 2 or 3 months!

I love Pure Minutes and I will never use a calling card again.”

Karin Blais, Staten Island NY

Calls to your country?? Check out what Kathy says

Is a great service, I can make calls to my country (call international ) with no problems and is very easy.

Katherine Moran, NY