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Video: QT Talk and the Pinless Calling Card

June 25, 2010

Video: QT Talk and the Pinless Calling Card

By Susan J. Campbell,TMCnet Contributing Editor

What better place to capture the essence of the latest happenings in the dynamic telecommunications space than to go where the action is and talk to those in the thick of it? TMCnet did just that at Telx’s CBX 2010 in New York.

One of the companies offering insight into their current opportunities is QT Talk. Anthony Garzone, Director of Sales for QT Talk, stopped by to talk briefly with TMCnet’s Rich Tehrani for an interview captured in this video.

QT Talk is a fascinating company, focusing on recognition products. Its key focus is the pinless calling card. At last year’s CBX, QT Talk was discussing their efforts to perfect the pinless calling card. They are now in 3,000 locations and is “Going Green” to get rid of the physical calling card altogether.The biggest customer for this pinless card is the Latin community. In the past, these individuals would arrive at a retail destination, cash their paycheck, send cash back home and buy a calling card to call loved ones. Now, they can still get the calling card minutes they need without purchasing the card or even going to a physical location.

QT Talk now offers a BlackBerry icon that allows users to put money on the card through their smartphone. They can also access an 866 number if they don’t have a smartphone or go into a QT Talk retail location to get the same thing. The pinless calling card is truly a mobile VoIP solution that saves significant costs. At the same time, QT Talk has no hidden fees.

“We are developing an app for the droid and the iPhone, just like we did for the BlackBerry,” said Garzone. “We developed a new website where people can go on to the store locator and they can find where we are located. So, it’s going very well.”

As for what the company is up to next, Garzone noted they are in sponsorship talks with people in the Latin community to promote their services and their brand. The company is also promoting efforts to be in 30,000 locations this time next year.

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